There are many types of travel offered by the tourism market today.

Cruises, all-inclusive trips or circuits, weekend breaks in different cities, relaxing trips and a long list of packages that you can find in the thousands of agencies and for which you can choose when spending your holidays.

Of all of them, the adventure trips with the backpack on the back, are the ones that make us bring not only beautiful pictures of the places we visited, but also memories that will remain in your memory, and we are going to explain the reasons why, at least once in your life, you should try them.


We are not in a hurry, we have to admit, it can be much more beneficial to travel with peace of mind and time than knowing that we only have a few hours in one place to take the typical photo before we leave for the next destination.

The good thing about this type of trip is that flexibility and freedom prevail, as we do not take everything included. If we like the place or we are having a wonderful experience, we stay a few days more, and if on the contrary, the place does not meet our expectations, we can simply leave for the next destination marked on our itinerary.

Being flexible and traveling with people like you also implies that since we don’t all have the same tastes, you can visit what you like best about each place without the need to feel tied to a group at all times. It gives you the opportunity to explore on your own and surpass yourself and the peace of mind of knowing that if something happens to you your companions are close by and ready to help you at any time.


Backpacking for adventure, admittedly, is not for everyone. In an adventure trip, much of the charm lies in not knowing what will happen to you next, where you will sleep, eat or how you will get to the place you want to go.

This uncertainty, which for many can be unbearable, for backpackers, is what nourishes and feeds us, almost an addiction that leads you to get carried away, and that undoubtedly leads you to meet charming people willing to help you anywhere, to sleep in places you never imagined or to know corners that are not in the travel guides.

Something like the Pekin Express, but with no rush to get there, and no cameras behind to help you achieve your goals, just you, your companions, and the backpack full of illusions and experiences. It’s that desire to simply explore and let the journey take its own path, and take you little by little without having to worry too much about what will happen tomorrow.


To travel without interacting, is for many, one of the great differences between the tourist and the traveller, we could say that the tourist observes, the traveller, lives it.

A tourist will usually stay in comfortable hotels, look for the best restaurants in Tripavisor or other platforms, travel in private transport only with other tourists and take all or almost all the places you want to see planned or included in a package.

The traveler, on the contrary, finds beauty in simplicity, takes his time to talk and mingle with those around him, sleeps in cheap places of all kinds, goes to eat in any place full of locals and you will often find him in local buses without air conditioning where not only people go up and down, but also chickens, cereals and all kinds of amazing goods, in sometimes more than reduced spaces.

And although we’re all tourists and travelers at one time or another, on any adventure trip worth your while, you’ll have a much better chance of ending up playing basketball with the kids of any rural village than sleeping in a high-end hotel with a private beach.


Traveling to adventure, is not only traveling to discover places and people, it is also a journey to oneself.

The good thing about living experiences, and not just observing them, is that it makes you stop and think. It is in those moments, when you are thousands of miles from home, in that remote place where you never imagined you would end up, when you are able to look at your life, and see it from a global perspective, as a whole, or at least from a much broader than you are normally capable in your routine.

Traveling to adventure leaves you time for something very important, and so neglected in our daily life at home, thinking. We spend so much time connected to the TV, social networks, canes, friends, workā€¦ that when we realize it is difficult to get out of the loop, and without knowing very well why, little by little we begin to feel the effects of stress.

They say that the quality of your life is closely related to the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Therefore, stopping to think from the perspective offered by distance is more than recommended (although not yet prescribed by doctors) to shape the piles of questions you have been avoiding for a long time, and to start making decisions that will lead you to a new stage in your life, new goals or better relationships with yourself and those around you.